5 Reasons Why Helping Others Is Your Greatest Wealth

It’s not easy asking for help, so I’ve learned not to wait until someone asks, help anyway.

I’ve had experiences with the people I mentor and coach who always ask how I’m so positive and willing to help people. My answer is usually “because I owe.” I owe for the people who took the time and energy with me to help get me to where I am.

I owe for those who weren’t given the opportunities that I was through basketball and other means.  I owe because if I want to see the change in the world, I must be a living example of that change.  But what they don’t realize is that by giving, I get so much in return. People want to be a part of something they believe in, and the network/community that has developed as a result of helping others has been priceless.  I can reach out to people all over the world for help when I need it which to me signifies true wealth and abundance.

Many of my friends went into various fields that netted them a lot of the material possessions and “things,” but feel unfulfilled.  They are often the ones who come to me for coaching to help find happiness, purpose, balance, peace, and joy in life.  My first piece of advice to them is to start giving back and helping someone.  Whenever you find yourself ungrateful or discontent, get out of yourself and help someone.  By getting out of yourself and your self-centered motives, to a place of giving of yourself, your perspective often changes.  This can be a transforming realization.  Don’t get me wrong, I like nice things just as much as the next person and I’m a big believer in going after your dreams.  I am grateful to be compensated for work that I love, have a passion for, and at the same time requires me to give back.  Some people don’t find that balance in their careers and I understand that.  What I’ve learned is the paradox behind the concept of giving, which is bigger than your job, your career or your place of employment.  The paradox is this:

“The More I Give, The More I Receive In Return”  This is Abundance! This is Wealth!

My grandmother used to tell me “when it’s all said and done you can’t take it with you” so I try to make a positive impact on people’s lives.  This is what giving of yourself and helping others does. It fills your spirit, sense of gratitude, and appreciation of the human experience with abundance.  This is priceless…

5 Reasons Why Giving Back Is Greatest Wealth:

  1. Happiness– Studies have shown that the people who practice altruism and give of themselves are the most happy.  It’s actually biological.  The reward center of your brain releases the neurotransmitter and hormone dopamine, which gives you a feeling of happiness and a natural high
  2. You Live Longer– There has been a direct correlation between volunteerism and life expectancy.  Research tells us that those who give of themselves and volunteer, experience greater functional abilities and health outcomes.
  3. Abundance- Those who serve and give of themselves often come to the realization that the greatest “things” they have to offer aren’t things. When you move from the “Whats in it for me” approach, your perspective changes from “what can I get?” to how I can contribute?” This subtle shift changes your thought patterns from scarcity to abundance.  When this happens, its amazing how many more opportunities present themselves in your life.
  4. Build Self Confidence and Self Esteem- When you allow yourself to get out of yourself you often find a sense of purpose in your life.  Your self-worth begins to build as you become part of something bigger than you and see the positive affect your contributions are making.
  5. Your Network Grows- Everyone knows the importance of networks, tribes and communities.  By serving as an example of service, you naturally build a network of people who most likely would do the same in return.  Your world becomes bigger and the possibilities become endless. You never know who is watching and the people you are affecting.  When you give from a good place, you naturally attract positivity and opportunity in your life.

We all have the ability to live abundantly and be wealthy.  I never made it to the NBA as once dreamed about as a kid, but my life has been filled with wealth and abundance beyond measure.  The feelings I experience and the relationships I’ve built have created a life better than any TV show could’ve portrayed.  Substance, meaning, purpose, love, peace, gratitude and joy are all regular parts of my daily “work.” You have the same opportunity to create a life of wealth and abundance.  Take time to check your definition of wealth and see how you can give and not what you can get.  This shift will open your world up to opportunities and a life of abundance!


9 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Helping Others Is Your Greatest Wealth

  1. Love it, just the type of reading i needed today, it honeslty improved my mood. BTW I kept on reading all the previous blogs that I havent got to, good stuff! I enjoyed all of them specially “Jack.”

    • Thanks for your feedback MP, and checking out the posts. It means alot that something I’ve created can help brighten up someones day. I’m glad you also liked “Jack” and hope to keep inspiring through my writing. Have a wonderful day and stay tuned…

  2. i enjoyed reading your post! we espouse similar perspectives on abundance, balance, freedom, gratitude, harmony, joy, purpose and wealth. my mother said i was a bright & happy child: happiness is my birthright. i’ve mentored (east harlem tutorial program, osborne association, sledge group) since 1997. the experiences feed my soul. iyanla vanzant says, “you must be willing to give in order to receive, and the spirit in which you give determines the manner in which you receive.” keep writing my brother. you have the greatest story never told 🙂


    • Thanks so much Mark for your reading. I’m always humbled especially when someone with your experience and talent as a professional writer takes time to offer feedback. Love the quote by Iyanla Vanzant and hope to connect more with you and the Sledge Group this year. Keep up the great work you’re doing!

    • Thanks DeVon (nice name by the way :)) Agreed, I’ll take at look at your blog and connect. My hope is to continue to build the community of support for fathers leading their families as well. Lets talk off line and see how we can collaborate (maybe a guest blog). Best, Devon

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