STOP! It Can Be The Most Productive Thing You Do

Whether you are an Entrepreneur, CEO, Manager or line staff we all run into the issue of feeling like we don’t have “enough time.”

Not enough time to complete our work, spend time with our children or take part in the things we love.

I often work with people who tell me that there is not enough time in the day to complete the tasks at their jobs, home or both.  This lack of perceived productivity will begin to cause anxiety and negatively affect the quality of our day.  When you begin to feel like your not making any progress in your professional or personal life, it can be debilitating.

I’ve learned that the key to preventing this from happening is by STOPPING! Yes, stopping!

I know this sounds counter intuitive.  Usually when you feel unproductive the first thing you think of is to get going, do more, and get busy! However, this is a big misconception and mistake many people make.  Busy doesn’t always mean productive.  Being productive means getting things done.  As in you’ve actually accomplished something, not just filling out a fake status report marked “complete.” Don’t get me wrong, most people who know me know I’m not a big believer in “doing nothing.” But remember by stopping you’re actually doing something, something productive.  You allow yourself to see the value in taking an inventory, making an assessment, then following it up with plan of action.  One of my mentors, Author and Productivity Expert Jason Womack wrote a great book called “Your Best Just Got Better.” In the book he asks you to consistently look at the systems you use to evaluate if they’re effective.  He suggests that you do this on a weekly basis.

When you take the time to do an inventory it allows you to discover what works best for you. Think of this inventory like the store owner who just had a flood in the basement of his store.  He needs to check out which food went bad and needs to be discarded.  The owner also needs to check which food is still good and he can keep; the non perishables.  The same goes with the tools, strategies and systems you follow. They need to go through an inventory process as well.  By taking a step back, you allow yourself to take a look at whats working (and do more of it), and not working (discard).  Whenever I do this, I make sure to spend extra time on my “wins” and accomplishments.  If you want more of the things going well in your life, focus on it!  So if your feeling overwhelmed, unproductive and frustrated…STOP, evaluate and develop a measurable plan of action! Then you are poised to take your “wins” and turn them into consistent success.

Please let me know how “STOPPING” helped you get better.

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