Fatherhood Picture Of The Year Contest



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In honor of all the Fathers out there, on Father’s Day I am hosting a:
“The Fatherhood Picture Of The Year” contest!

The goal is to highlight positive Fatherhood during the month of June.

I’m looking for the picture out there that captures modern day fatherhood at its best! Make it fun…

Rules of the contest:
1) Only 1 photograph submission per household (so choose wisely)
2) Anyone can submit (wife, husband, child, friend, mother, significant other)
3) All pictures must be submitted by June 15th
4) Winner will be announced on Father’s Day

Email the picture and father’s name to:

The WINNER will be announced on Father’s Day and will receive a  1 hour one-on-one Live Your Legacy Coaching Session with me!

Although there can be only winner, we know that all Fathers are Winners! All pictures will be posted to recognize every outstanding father that was nominated for the contest!

Have fun gentleman!

The Best Fatherhood Commercial Ever?

Is this Clorox ad offensive to you?

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 9.38.15 AM

Well, it was for many fathers across the U.S.

In the last couple of years fathers have worked to remove the negative depictions of dads in the media.  Commercials and TV shows have historically portrayed fathers as inept parents, buffoonish or just plain dump.  There efforts have forced Clorox to remove the ad seen above and Huggies to take down and remake this Commercial.

So, it was a breath of fresh air to see the recent Peanut Butter Cheerios commercial below that portrayed fathers in a much more positive light.  The commercial highlighted a fathers role and gave a small glimpse of the importance of his presence and contribution.

Great job General Mills!